May Newsletter


"Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm."

~Abraham Lincoln~

I have been noticing lately that I am not as sure on my feet as I used to be. I will attribute it mostly to aging and some to distraction. My joints are not as supple as they once were and I find I need to carry less and look at where I am stepping. Yogahas most certainly helped me stay more balanced and confident in my footing but I remember a time when practicing balance was not among the top things I thought about in my practice. The balance that I used to seek was more the balance of the demands of life vs my energy and attention. While that still commands my attention and intention, for right now the very physically focused idea of not falling down has moved to the forefront.

Yoga has a great way of adapting to what it is we most need in life at a certain time. I made the pronouncement in class last month that I thought yoga was for mature people because we have the experience in life to appreciate what some time spent in self study and introspection can bring. We often have the physical challenges that require us to focus more attention on how we move our body through the world and we often don't have the need to prove something to others (let's just call it a softening of the ego). But I don't really believe that yoga is more for one age group than another. 

Every stage of life brings challenges and a yoga practice can be there to help with whatever those challenges may be. Generalizations don't always apply, but in my experience yoga for the younger crowd is often more about the physicality of the practice. It's a place to burn off energy, challenge the body and explore the edges of body and mind. Mid life can bring some serious challenges on balancing life's demands - raising a family, aging parents, work demands, and a yoga practice often brings a respite or balm to a busy practitioner. Beyond that, here yoga is again to keep us steady on our feet, help us gracefully process the changes that can come with age and offer a place of non-judgement and steadiness in mind and body.

So whether the balance we seek is emotional, spiritual or physical, at any age, yogacan offer solutions, or at least coping skills. And if you are practicing yoga you know it offers so much more than just that very important balance. At any age, come and practice with many of the most experienced teachers in the city at the YogaGallery. We have something for all ages and abilities and you will find students from ages 18 to 99. We all need something. Maybe you can find it with us!

Come Practice With Us! 

"As long as I know my head's in the right place, my feet are on the ground, I think I'll be fine." 

~ Jack Osbourne~

Events and News from the Studio~~~

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Schedule Change!

No more 5:30 Friday class!

Did you know...we still have Community Yoga on Sundays at 5:30? Only $5 (or use your pass) It's a great way to end your weekend and begin your week!

Save the Date


Max Strom returns to the Yoga Gallery for Breathe to Heal

July 19-21

Max will be presenting a very special three day workshop. Details coming soon. This is a workshop appropriate for anyone, no yoga experience necessary.  


Just for Inspiration

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Practice Tip

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Maybe this isn't a revelation to you, but it was a great reminder for me. Here's a good article on this topic.

Just for Inspiration

It is not light vs dark,

us vs them,

or good vs evil.

It is about 

grasping the darkness

to feel the light.

Listening to them

to understand us.

Knowing evil 

to appreciate the good.

Balance cannot be achieved 

with absolutes

but it absolutely can

be achieved with perspective 

and an unrelenting

receptivity for



Brennan O'Connor